Join us in keeping the Stan clean and clear-flowing and providing opportunities for all kids to get a chance to be on the river.  This is a core part of our company and embodies our commitment to the community and environment that we live in.  We support a range of social and environmental causes and we are proud to share these with you here.  River Journey donates thousands of dollars in the form of donations and trips annually.  These include our support of the Tuolumne River Trust, National Park Foundation, American Rivers, CA Police Activities League, Wounded Warrior Project, Knights Ferry historical Society and various local schools and nonprofits along the Stanislaus River corridor.


RJA and the environment in which we play and work in are inexplicably linked and this is reflected at the very core of our companies beliefs.  Our commitment to the environment captures our understanding that without healthy land, air and water, the very essence of pure and clean adventure is compromised.  With RJA trips we do our part to see that it is as close to 100% carbon neutral as possible.  That means after reducing our carbon footprint as much as possible throughout our operations, all CO2 emitted through our activities, transportation, and office use is mitigated with high quality carbon offsets obtained through our work with Offsetters.

We also look to reduce our imprint on the land and water around the Stanislaus River.  We understand that not everyone respects the Stan so we always need your help.  We also supply each raft on our trips with a trash bag so the items are not thrown out in the river. This is done through various activities that we encourage you to participate in.  One of those main activities is our river cleanup dates. 

Scrub the Stan River Cleanup- Saturday, September 17 at 10am in Knights Ferry.   Email us your name, number of people and we will provide you with the rafts, lifejackets paddles and return shuttle.  We will also have garbage bags available and you can bring trash grabbers gloves and even snorkels if you want to help us clean the bottom of the river.  All of this is a free event put on by River journey adventures. 

Check back for more details on our programs and desire to be the most environmentally friendly company of its kind- anywhere- period!