2015 Pricing

Check out our discount page to make sure you get the best deal possible!  Our group rates are the best on the Stanislaus River and our on-line reservation system means you don't have to collect any money.  Everyone pays for themselves online!

Knights Ferry Section- Saturdays/Sundays $30 per person and Monday-Friday are $25 per person*.

Oakdale SUPERFLOAT- $25 per person*, seven days a week

Price includes your high quality raft, lifejackets, paddles, safety orientation, return shuttle, one free photo with the opportunity to purchase more at the end of your trip.  Concerned about your valuables (that you forget to leave at home) we also are the only company to provide each reservation with a dry box- ALL INCLUDED! Great price for 3+ hours on the river!

* Price does not include $2 government commercial rafter fee that covers Stanislaus River Parks commercial rafting fees.*


Starting in mid-May of 2015, the Army Corps of Engineers, the regulatory agency that controls the park system we operate through, will begin to charge $4 per car for parking for the entire day. Parking can be paid for at one of the many kiosks found in the Knights Ferry parking lots. THERE IS NO FEE IF YOU COME AND DO THE OAKDALE SUPERFLOAT!



Family Rafting Information Sat-Sun Mon-Fri
Family Rafting Information $25 $25 Book Now!
Knights Ferry Rentals Sat-Sun Mon-Fri
KF Raft Rental 10am Check in $30 $25 Book Now!
KF Raft Rental 11am Check in $30 $25 Book Now!
KF Raft Rental 9am Check in $30 $25 Book Now!
Knights Ferry Kayak Rental $33 $28 Book Now!
Oakdale SUPER FLOAT Rentals Sat-Sun Mon-Fri
OAK raft rental 10am Check in $25 $25 Book Now!
OAK Raft rental 11am Check in $25 $25 Book Now!
OAK raft rental 1pm Check in $25 $25 Book Now!
Oakdale Kayak Rentals $25 $25 Book Now!
Stand Up Paddleboard Tours Sat-Sun Mon-Fri
Weekday SUP Tour $60 $60 Book Now!
Other Adventures on the River Sat-Sun Mon-Fri
Catered BBQ and Rafting Trip $55 $55 Book Now!
Raft and Camping Package $45 $45 Book Now!