Family rafting on the Stanislaus River is the best! We have kids of our own from 5 to 13 and they love the Stanislaus!  As parents we thought we would share some information with you to make your day as enjoyable as can be. 

1. For starters all of our trips are for ages 5 and up, so you can bring your kids for a fun day on the river.  The rapids and ripples are fun, they great for beginners, and there are many points where you can jump out of the boat to swim and float in your lifejacket.

2.  Please be aware that this is a public river.  We may be able to control how many ice chests are allowed in each raft but that doesn't mean other companies or private boaters do.

3.  If you would like to stay away from the louder and more boisterous crowds, try to avoid Saturdays in July and August on the Knights Ferry run.  If you do choose to go on a Saturday why not choose our Class I Oakdale SUPERFLOAT (crowds are smaller) or come to Knights Ferry at 9am (more party focused groups tend to check in at 11am).

4. Please be aware that the Knights Ferry run is about 3-5 hours in length while the Oakdale SUPERFLOAT is 2-3 hours in length.  Many families opt for the Oakdale SUPERFLOAT just for that reason and then move up to the Knights Ferry trip for a few more rapids and ripples.

5.  Have enough paddlers!  Both stretches of the Stanislaus have some calm areas, especially at lower water.  Make sure you have at a minimum 2 adults that are willing to paddle in each boat.  If you have a group of 9 or 10 (or 17-20) with a lot of kids than just request the 10 person rafts so then you have plenty of paddling power.

That is a lot, but regardless this is a great trip for children and families.  This trip is also popular with youth groups, sports and swim teams, and high school team-building.  We even have the only private campgrounds on the river so why not make a weekend out of it.  If you need help planning a trip call us at 209-847-4671.