We know many of you are interested in knowing the river levels for this upcoming season.  Whether you are rafting with us or have your own boat we would like to try and provide you with an up to date outlook on the river flows.  We are able to offer our raft rentals when te river is 175-2000cfs.

Estimated May levels: 5000-6000cfs

Estimated June levels: 6000cfs tapering to around 2000cfs.

Estimated July-October levels: anywhere from 2000cfs to 800 cfs.


Current information- subject to change of course!

5/10/17- River is at HIGH LEVEL for May and June.  Currently at 5000 cfs.  Normal for this time of year is 200-1500cfs.
You can also check river levels at Orange Blossom Park by clicking here: Dreamflows