We know many of you are interested in knowing the river levels for this upcoming season.  Whether you are rafting with us or have your own boat we would like to try and provide you with an up to date outlook on the river flows.  We are able to offer our raft rentals when the river is 175-2000cfs.

Estimated July-October levels: anywhere from 2000cfs to 800 cfs.

1500-2000cfs we require at least two or more good paddlers per boat and everyone should know how to swim.  The current is still fast and trees can still pose a problem if not paying attention so the one cooler per raft is strickly enforced.  Alcohol is not allowed at this flow. Life jackets must vbe worn by everyone at all times

1000-1500cfs we still require two good paddlers per boat and everyone should know how to swim.  The current changes and although this is a fun flow the trees still require all groups paying attention.  The one cooler per raft is still strickly enforced. Lifejackets must be worn at all times.

500-1000cfs we still require two good paddlers but the flow is on the lower end.  You still need to be aware of trees at this level and lifejackets should be worn at all times.


Current information- subject to change of course!

8/30/17 River is at 1000cfs, dropping to around 400cfs on September 6th.  Will remain at 400cfs for most of September and then rising to 600-1000cfs for the rest of September. Check river levels at Orange Blossom Park by clicking here: Dreamflows

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