Hello David,

Thank you so much for sending our group down the river!! (In a good way, haha) We had an amazing day and I eventually saw everyone had made it back to camp. I am not sure if there was someone missed at raft check-in or if you had to shuttle someone later for us? Next time I will bring an extra roster for myself :) If you did shuttle a raft back separately we want to reimburse you for that, so please let me know. 
I can't tell you how impressed we are with your raft company, from your prompt responses to my endless questions, the wonderful bus drivers who dealt with all our 91 waivers, the incredible instructor who probably saved lives since his rescue techniques had to be used multiple times, the more than enough raft assistants to help us manage the take-in and take-out process, and the amazing photographer who got some incredible shots (already up on my facebook). You provide a wonderful opportunity for families and friends to enjoy nature and have an exciting time without enormous risk - we really appreciate that! I realize there are many organizational improvements which we can make from our end to allow your job to go a lot smoother next year and I am already working on that. :)
Thank you again for extending us such a great deal for our members, they all had a fantastic time!
Much Appreciation!
Jayme Simmons
Foresters #1128

Had a nice weekend here camping and rafting with my cousins and friends! They have the cleanest porta potties I’ve seen anywhere. No smells, they actually smelled nice, and you didn't feel like puking upon entering. Three toes is an awesome campsite dog too! Okay, onto the rafting: the river is a bit tamer than I would have liked, but it was a nice chill and relaxing ride. I did enjoy jumping off rocks, even though we were advised not to, ha-ha. Side note: if you have a large group, make sure to bring tons of beer with you. We finished our beer before reaching the half way point and we were all lazy bums after that.
pamela s. New York, NY 9/21/2010 (from Yelp)

This is very well organized. The staff is very helpful and friendly. It's is a pretty easy float and very kid friendly. Be prepared to get soaked and make sure to come equipped with super soakers. The water was pretty low and not moving very fast when I went so we definitely had to paddle hard! It makes for a decent upper body workout!  It's great that they provide transportation back to your vehicle. Overall pretty fun!:)
Jen G. Modesto, CA 8/18/2010 (from Yelp)

Great fun and definitely not as crowded as the American River in Sacramento so that's a major plus.  Check out River Journey for all rentals http://www.riverjourne....  It's a very chill river and is a great way to spend about 2-3 hours on a hot day for about $20 and comes with a shuttle ride back to your starting point.
Margaret N. Sunnyvale, CA 3/2/2010 (from Yelp)

These guys know how to make my reservation go so smoothly!  Thanks Dave for the group reservation online process so I didn't have to put it all on my card!  Your guys continue to be the best and work so hard to make the day enjoyable for us.  Tell Kim thanks for the safe and entertaining bus ride back!
Michelle W. San Jose, CA 7/22/2010

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